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The museums in Athens have always had countless treasures to display but they now do this in an attractive way to today’s visitors. The collections are displayed in a modern way. A chronological order, easy to understand information panels and subtle lighting, make visiting a museum in Athens an enjoyable family event

The days and hours for public museums and archaeological sites are set by the Ministry of Culture they are usually open Tuesday-Sunday 8:30 to 3, and as late as 7:30 in summer. Throughout the year arrive at least 30 minutes before closing time to ensure a ticket. Archaeological sites and museums close on January 1, March 25, the morning of Orthodox Good Friday, Orthodox Easter, May 1, and December 25-26. Sunday visiting hours apply to museums on Epiphany; Ash Monday, Good Saturday, Easter Monday, and Whitsunday (Orthodox dates, which change every year); August 15; and October 28. Museums close early (around 12:30) on January 2, the last Saturday of Carnival, Orthodox Good Thursday, Christmas Eve, and New Year's Eve.
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Athens Museums
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Gods and Monsters

Zeus The pantheon supreme god ruled the skies andfathered hundreds of heroes with his supernatural libido.

Poseidon The god of the sea was Zeus brother and some time his greatest rival.

Athena Zeus daughter was a virgin warrior goddess of wisdom and philosophy. she was also goddess ofweaving and patron of athens

Apollo The handsome god and poerty presided over the muses

Artemis Apollo's twin sister of the moon and the hunt and remained a virgin

Aphrodite Voluptuous Aphrodite was Artemis polar opposite the temperamental goddess of love has dozens of affairs

Minotaur Crete's queen pasiphae conceived this bull headed human bodied monster with a bul sen by poseidon

Cyclops The most of famous of these one eyed giands in polyphemus the monster whom Odysseus blinded in the odyssey

Sirens The beautyful sirens with their bewitching songs nearly lured odysseus sailors to their deaths on the rocky shore

Medussa The gaze of this snake headed gorgon turned men to stone. Perseus deafeated her only with the help of athenas gleaming shield in which he could safety see his foe.

Theseus king The son of Athens king Aegeus was secretly raised far from court. At 16 armed with a sword left by his father, Theseus left from athens en route slaying dozens of monsters terrorizing Attica.He became athens greatestking and hero.
Athens National Museum
The completely renovated National Archaeological Museum ranks the leading archaelogical museums in the world. Survey the numerus important exhibits and explore Greece History. You will be impessed by the treasures of the museum and will want to come back for another visit. However, if you come just once, be sure to have enough time.
New Acropolis Musuem
It is one of the most important museums in the world. It temporarily houses masterpieces of the ancient Greek civilization, dedicated to the most important of the Athenian sanctuaries, the "temenos" of Athena Parthenos. Preparations for the erection of the New Acropolis Museum  have already begun.
Agora museum is housed in the Stoa of Attalos, a reconstructed building of around 150 B.C. The characteristic feature of the mseum is that the exhibits are all closely connected with the Athenian Democracy, as the Agora was the focus of the city's public life.
The Agora Museum
The Byzantine and Christian Museum is one of the most important museums in the world. Founded in 1914, the collections of the Christian Archaeological Society, which were amassed primarily by Georgios Lambakis, one of the Society's founding members, in the period up to 1884 and exhibited in a room in the National Archaeological Museum.
Byzantine and Christian Museum
The National Gallery-Alexandros Soutzos Museum, as it was named upon its merger with the homonymous bequest, now houses more than 15,000 works of painting, sculpture, engraving and other forms of art and it is a treasury of Greek artistic creation from the post-Byzantine period until today.
The well organized museum was founded with the purpose of housing the Goulandris private collection of Cycladic Art. It is one of the leading museums in Athens. The Museum  is dedicated to the study and promotion of ancient cultures of the Aegean and Cyprus, with special emphasis on Cycladic Art of the 3rd millennium BC.
The National Gallery Museum
Cycladic Museum
The Athens Numismatic Museum is one of the five most important numismatic museums in the world, and the only one in Greece and the Balkans. It has around 600,000 coins, which range chronologically from Greek antiquity through the Roman and Byzantine periods and the Middle Ages in Western Europe into Modern times. museum itself.
The Museum of Kerameikos was built in 1937, on the plans of H. Johannes, with a donation of Gustav Oberlaender.
The Museum, completely restored, houses valuable collection of steles, sculpture, beautiful vases and terracotta figurines unearthed from the site.
Numismatic Museum
Kerameikos Museum
The Benaki Museum is the country’s oldest privately owned museum, and it is a monument in culture and art commemoration dedicated by the Benakis family. The Benakis family was a prominent Greek family who maintained their wealth after the 1921 Greek War of Independence.
Benaki Museum