The future of the cruise is uncertain and in the port of Katakolon, which is one of the top ports – destinations in Greece, the anxiety is obvious.

The image of the port, even after the lifting of the restrictions on the movement or even the reopening of the catering sector a little later, does not seem to change, since the whole market is based on the traffic from the cruise.

Sources estimate that the 2020 season has been lost and the gradual return of cruise ships is not expected to take place before the spring of 2021.

According to information, the shipping companies have canceled the itineraries for June and everyone hopes that the developments will refute these estimates and that we will see the ships return sooner.

Opportunity to speed up projects

At a time when the port is dead, for practical and “psychological” reasons, it may be a rare opportunity for the planned projects to proceed in the land area, but also for small landscaping and cleaning interventions or others, in the coastal zone, in the marina but also and on the beach behind the marina and up to the Dozi area, where the mayor of Pyrgos recently announced that a study will be prepared for a mild intervention in this section. But until we get to the point of implementing such an intervention, now and as long as there are still restrictions, it would be good to clean the beach in time, so that when summer comes in for good, there are no disadvantages that plagued businessmen and visitors for other years. and to try to reduce losses even to a small degree.

Market rearrangements

The extension of the lockdown due to the suspension of the cruise in Katakolon, is estimated by economic factors that it may bring about rearrangements in the economic activity. So it’s possible to see padlocks and changes in the market, differentiating the profile we’ve known so far, without the possibility of a cowardly return to the character that kept Katakolon as an entertainment destination.