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Piraeus Port Authority

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

Piraeus Port Authority: Announcement

P.P.A. S.A. Board of Directors, following the proposal of the BoD President and Managing Director Mr George Anomeritis, unanimously decided the establishment of a Subsidiary Societe Anonyme, under the title “Intermodal Transport and Logistics Company S.A.” (LOGISTICS P.P.A.SA)
The project, having the approval of the Government, gives new development opportunities to PPA, who thus enters in new services provision fields that are fully consistent with its statutory and business objectives.

The creation of the Logistics Center at the Thriasio Pedion that will concentrate the vast cargo volumes of the Attica region and the operation of the new rail connection the following year (March 2011), connecting the Commercial port at Ikonion with the Logistics Center are the two new facts that led to the establishment of the above subsidiary Company. P.P.A. SA, that dominates cargo handling for over 80 years enters new business areas, such as intermodal transportation, cargo forwarding and the relevant supplementary activities of the cargo it handles.

It is the first strategic expansion move of PPA SA in the field of cargo transportation, that, combined with its development plan of €1 billion that was recently approved from the Inter-ministerial Committee, creates new opportunities and advantages.

New Heraklion airport

Thursday, March 11th, 2010

The idea was first launched in 1986 by then Prime Minister Andreas Papandreou. The new international airport of Iraklio (HER) in Crete Kastelli, which will replace the existing airport “Nikos Kazantzakis” in Neas Alikarnassos, has officially entered the implementation phase. Over the next few days technical and environmental studies will be sent to the local authorities to begin consultation to be completed in six months. The new airport will become operational in 2014. The existing airport in Heraklion will be closed and the area of 278 hectares (687 acres) will be returned to local communities for a large urban regeneration plan.
The creation of the new airport will require new roads, water and sanitation projects, including the transfer of the settlements located within the proposed runway (Archangelos, Roussochoria). The construction of a 17 km road will connect the airport with the National Road along the north coast of Crete, in the neighbourhood of Chersonissos. When finished, the distance from the city of Iraklio to the new airport will be approximately 40 kilometers. Complaints have been filed for lack of a new road linking the new airport to the south coast of Crete. [Edit] I found a map with the planned road infrastructure on the site of the Greek Ministry of Transport and Communications. Click on it for a larger size map. The labels on the map are in Greek, but you’ll figure it out. The blue lines are existing roads, the red ones are new or planned. From what I can see there is a connection foreseen to link the airport to the south. Don’t know what the complaint is about then.

The new airport (red area in the map below) will be constructed over an area of 600 hectares (1482 acres), adjacent to the current military airport in Kastelli. It has a runway of 3800 meters to accommodate larger aircraft. An additional area of 22 hectares (54 acres) is reserved for commercial activity south-west of the new airport. This is a very large project with a budget of 1.2€ billion for construction costs alone, and together with purchase costs including loans and other expenses, will reach 1.5€ billion.

heraklion airport