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Hydra island, located just one hour from Athens by sea. Hydra is a small rocky, barren land and the houses look as if they're climbing next to eatch other on the rock.
Apart from the land's serenity, the visitor will also feel this area strength. The island's history and the strong will of its inhabitants who fought and are still fighting against enemies and hardships becomes apparent: from the monuments, the people's gaze and their notable distinctions in many areas
in Hydra you will discover tranquility and a normal life style away from the city's hustle and bustle.
At the beaches of the island the guest can, apart from swimming and fishing, do sea sports and activities.
The friends of hiking can get acquainted with the inner placesof the island and the monasteries that can be found there.
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About Hydra

Hydra is a special island with population 2.387 residents, across the southeast shore of Argolida. Approximately in the middle of the northern side of the island in the traditional settlement of Hydra. Constructed amphitheatrically around the port. The visitor is enchanted by its unique architecture. The imposing mansion houses signs of the glorious naval past but also the plain residences with the live colors at the fore fronts and the frames and the yards decorated with fragrant flowers, closed with tall stone fences, the small roads, the alleys and the numerous churches and monasteries proof of the deep religiousness of its habitats.

Hydra although it has evolved into a cosmopolitan tourist destination, has preserved unchanged its identity. Accessibility to the island is possible only by sea from the port of Piraeus in Athens, while the circulation of vehicles is not allowed.

Athens to Hydra

There is only one way to go to Hydra, by the sea (Hydra has no airport). The Hellenic Seaways, offer frequent sailings to Hydra from the Piraeus port. The cost of the one way ticket is 25.50.

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The historical museum of Hydra operate a department with files (scripts, documents and coded of the 18th and 19th century with varius file), museum department (heirlooms of the balkan, the first and second world war, traditional dresses from Hydra, forefronts of ships from the battles, historical gallery with works of great painters, weapons of fighters from Hydra, gravures, maps and others) and library (with thousant books, among which and old precious editions
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Hydra has a considerable number of beaches with sand and with peddles or rocks. Accessibility on foot, donkeys, or sea means (with many routes) as in the island there are no wheeled vehicles.
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